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Hey Yal!

Photos courtesy of Benji Koelling

Pleasure to meet ya! 

I was born raising hell on the South side of the river in Henderson, KY, which might be why I sometimes smell of bourbon and have somewhat of a small collection of the so called "Kentucky-water". Bourbon always has been the family drink of choice. My papaw, "Slop Bucket", had a hard time putting it down, but had he drank less he probably would have never taken that 10K bet against Minnesota Fats at the pool hall and beat the devil at his own game. Slop Bucket, that son of a bitch, he was something else. Taught me a lot, thats for sure. 

I have always appreciated my past. Remember the old saying "Never forget where you came from"? Well if my Kentucky roots have taught me anything it's that a good drink and great friends can make for epic memories and one hell of a good time. My goal is to create a place for my guests that feels like home, serves cocktails that takes you back in time, and turns casual conversations into epic memories. But hell, enough of me talking. Come see me already. Belly up to the bar, grab a drink, and enjoy your stay at my house. 


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